Friday, April 22, 2011

Some of our favorite pictures.

So much time has passed since I started this blog. I haven't posted updates as often as I would have liked. Our kids have certainly changed quite a bit, and we've been able to capture some really nice memories. Here are some of our favorites. (click on the picture to enlarge)

As we're hiking in the Adirondacks, Logan gets a craving for some Captain Morgan.

Riley hugs Daddy before she gets on the bus for her first day of school.

Logan loves dirt. Not so much being sprayed down with cold hose water.

We got a lot of nice pictures in the Adirondacks. Here's another...

Parker Dam, PA. Logan ain't scared o' no bears.

Logan enjoys playing in a pile of leaves that his parents
neglected to clean up until the spring.

At the Botanical Gardens in Buffalo.

Riley's first baseball game at Coca-Cola Field. She loved the popcorn and the cotton candy.
The baseball? Well she made it through 3 innings.

I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but we have some pretty photogenic kids.

Okay, that should hold me for now. I'll try to be more diligent in posting updates. Adam said he'd help me do it. Especially with another little one coming, I'll try to post more pictures as well as cute stories and quotes. Riley has said some hilarious stuff lately. I'll tell you more later. Goodnight for now.


  1. They certainly are photogenic. :) I can't believe how grown-up Riley is getting, it makes me cry!! Can't wait to see pictures of number 3- she'll be here soon! ;)

  2. I love those Cas! I think the ones of Ry and Her dad are especially cute. I did notice there were not many of you :) you should fix that..

  3. Yay for more pictures, such amazing kids. I love that last one of Logan, he looks like a tiny Adam. How I miss those baby curls :*)