Thursday, February 28, 2013

Catching Up

Apologies to the grandparents. It's been over a year since we last posted. We promise to keep the blog better updated going forward. Here are some random pictures we took with our phones in the meantime.

Better posts will be coming shortly.

Logan's first 3-D movie experience. Wreck It Wralph.

Silly faces.

Riley's special lunch at PF Chang's.

Ruby enjoys some tomato soup.

Ruby has changed so much lately. She has a very funny little personality. She's more strong-willed, it seems, than Riley and Logan were at her age. She has no problem asserting herself with the 2 older ones. The 3 of them form a pretty interesting dynamic.

Sometimes when we listen to them play and talk they'll say really sweet things to each other. The other day when Riley came home from school we overheard them talking in the other room. Logan asked: "So how was your day today Riley?". Of course, they're siblings so they also drive each other crazy sometimes.

Ruby can talk really well now in 3-4 word sentences. She also likes to sing. There are a couple songs we play a lot for her. We just noticed recently that she is learning the words and singing along. She'll also sing to herself sometimes when she's playing with her dolls. That's her newest interest. Whenever she plays by herself it's with her dolls.


  1. Oh man, I can't believe how much they have changed from your last post!

  2. Yay Smith kids!! I'll believe the claim to more posts when I see it. ;) But I'll be happy if I do!